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What is the Monitoring Well Network?

The Monitoring Well Network is a collection of Registered and/or Permitted wells within the District from which water level measurements are collected.

How can I participate in the Monitoring Network?

The wells in the District’s Monitoring Network are wells that the owner has volunteered to be in the program. On a couple of occasions the District has, and can, drill wells to serve as monitoring wells, as well as convert plugged Oil & Gas wells to water wells for monitoring. If you have a well that you would like to add to the Network contact Gregory Perry, Water Resources Management Specialist, to learn more about how you can participate. 

How often do you measure a well?

The District typically measures wells in the program once a year, usually between February and March when pumping demand is at its lowest and water levels reflect true aquifer levels. If requested by the owner, or at the Districts determination, wells may be measured on a more frequent basis. The District also utilizes pressure transducers in several wells to record water levels on an hourly basis throughout the year.

What does the District do with the data collected?

The water level measurements collected from the Monitoring Network serve as a reflection of the health of our aquifers and populate groundwater models that assist the District to make informed management decisions and rule amendments that might be needed to ensure the protection and conservation of our local groundwater resources.

Guidance Document for Evaluating Compliance with Desired Future Conditions and Protective Drawdown Limits

If I have a monitoring well, can I remove it from the program?

The District’s Monitoring Well Network is a volunteer program, so unless you have a signed monitoring lease agreement with the District, a “well” owner is under no obligation to participate in the program.

Do I have to sign any forms or agreements in order to participate in the program?

Any well that participates in the Monitoring Well Network must be either Registered or Permitted with the District. If a well is not Registered or Permitted at the time that it is volunteered for the program, the owner will be asked to fill out the appropriate forms or applications to complete that required process. Besides the Registration or Permit, no other agreements or forms are needed to participate in the program. However, if the District will expend some funds to utilize your well (i.e., conversion of Oil & Gas well, install a pressure transducer) the owner will be asked to sign a Monitoring Well Agreement with the District.

Who measures the water level in my well and how?

By volunteering your well in the Monitoring Well Network you are giving the District permission to enter onto your property and have access to your water well. The well will be measured by District personnel using standard procedures that are consistent with the procedures used by the Texas Water Development Board to collect similar data throughout the state. The District makes a conscious effort to notify owners of when they plan to conduct measurements on wells either by prior notification or a friendly knock on the door.

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