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Vista Ridge Discharge

Lakeview With Pine Tree and POSGCD Logo

For those who wish to follow this event we have placed the following events in chronological order:

Link to The Rivard Report June 10

SAWS to Westbrook – 1 June 11

TCEQ General Permit No. TXG670000 effective on April 5

SAWS to Westbrook -2 June 12

SAWS to Westbrook – 3 June 12

EPCOR to Westbrook – 1 June 12

EPCOR to Westbrook -2 June 12

Memo From General Manager – Vista Ridge Discharge June 12

SAWS to Westbrook – 4 June 17

SAWS to Westbrook – 5 June 18

Burleson County Tribune newspaper article about POSGCD and Vista Ridge Discharge June 25

SAWS denies Vista Ridge water wasted byBy Scott Huddleston STAFF WRITER Express News

SAWS response to Board President Youngblood July 23

The Rivard Report – Groundwater District vows to Investigate Water Waste

TCEQ Comments to TCEQ regarding TCEQ General Permit No.TXG670000 July 28

SAWS to Westbrook 6 August 11

TCEQ Response to POSGCD Comments on General Permit August 14 

Westbrook to Board August 19

TCEQ Response to POSGCD July 17 Request August 19

SAWS to Westbrook August 31

Mud Creek Discharge April 15 to June 30

SAWS Public Information Request Sept 2, 2020

TCEQ  Public Information Request Sept 2, 2020

Westbrook Cost Estimate Letter Sept 18, 2020

TCEQ 55596 Certification Sept 21, 2020

TCEQ Response to Westbrook Sept 22, 2020

SAWS to Westbrook October 6, 2020

TCEQ Public Information Request Response Sept 8, 2020

TCEQ Certification 55596 Oct 2, 2020

Official Response from TCEQ Oct 8, 2020

SAWS Aqua Vista Facility Emails

SAWS Bitters Pump Station

SAWS CSR SAWS Terminus Discharge

Puente Westbrook4 9 21


ResolutionAgreementVistaRidge4 13 21

SAWS Resolution of 4.6.21

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