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Post Oak Savannah GCD is co-hosting an Agricultural Irrigation Efficiency program 

Post Oak Savannah GCD is co-hosting an Agricultural Irrigation Efficiency program on April 27th  from 10am-3pm at JRG Farms at 8105 FM 50,  Caldwell, Tx 77836. Attendees will learn best management practices that promote the efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation to reduce water use while maximizing crop yield using methods that are financially feasible for producers. The program will aim to also build growers’ capacity for drought management and for improving the resilience of irrigated agriculture. It will also cover how weather extremes can change long-term sustainability and profitability of water conservation. Information about crop water needs specific to our area, the use of irrigation scheduling, soil moisture sensors, and other devices, techniques, and technologies to improve management efficiency will be discussed. Producers from Burleson and Milam counties that complete this program may be eligible to receive funding for the use of retrofitting or implementing water-conserving irrigation technologies. 

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Guy Fipps, Extension Agricultural Engineer specializing in irrigation technology, water quality, and water management. He’s devoted 25 years to improving irrigation efficiency, developing new technologies, and promoting efficient water use for maximum water conservation and farm profitability. catered lunch and all course materials will be provided free of charge to attendees. This program is funded by Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District and co-hosted by Texas Water Resources Institute and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Contact the District with any questions and register to attend on the District website:

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