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New Legacy Conservancy Program

New Legacy Conservancy Program to Protect the Aquifers in Burleson and Milam Counties The Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District (POSGCD) announced today it is forming the Post Oak Savannah Aquifer Conservancy Program (PACP) to create a legacy of stewardship…

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Notice: Weather Closing Information

9:10 AM — At this time, we anticipate being closed tomorrow, January 16th, due to the incoming winter storm. In Milam County the Winter Storm Watch has been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning from midnight tonight until 6 PM Tuesday. According to…

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Board Decides Request for Vista Ridge Export Permit Extension is Substantial Change

The Post Oak Savannah GCD Board of Directors met for their monthly meeting on October 3, 2017. The meeting started at 5:30 p.m. and was held at the POSGCD office. Approximately 80 people attended the meeting.

John Giesenschlag, a Burleson County landowner and past POSGCD Director, opened up with a public comment. He thanked the Board for their work and said that he supports the District and believes that the District is still the best avenue to have local control of the groundwater in Milam and Burleson Counties.

All other public comments were made during Item 14, Request by Vista Ridge for extension of Transport Permit POS-T-0001d as Non-Substantial Change. After Gary Westbrook, General Manager of POSGCD, gave a brief overview of the timeline involving the Vista Ridge project, legal counsel outlined the three options the District could consider. Option one was to determine the letter request as non-substantial, which would allow the GM to make the decision without a hearing. Option two would be to determine the letter request as being substantial which would require a public hearing. Option three was to take no action and dispose of the request.

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DFC Committee Considering Advanced Aquifer Enhancement Projects, Discuss GWAP

The Desired Future Conditions (DFC) Committee met on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at the POSGCD Office. They heard presentations about new Advanced Aquifer Enhancement (AAE) projects, updates on the Monitoring Network and finalized edits to the Draft Groundwater Well Assistance Program (GWAP).

Steve Young from Intera started the meeting by going through a presentation outlining four ideas of possible projects that could potentially enhance the aquifers in the District—Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR), Enhanced Recharge, Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction, and Groundwater Quality (including brackish groundwater).

The presentation slides can be found at

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