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Post Oak Savannah GCD Board Approves $1,013,324 In Local Water Utility Grants

At it’s April 12, 2022 Board Meeting the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District (POSGCD) Board of Directors approved over one million dollars in Grants for six local water utilities. Each year, the District will encourage and support projects and programs to conserve and/or preserve groundwater, by annually funding the District’s Groundwater Conservation Grant Program. The objective of this program is to obtain the active participation and cooperation of local water utilities in the funding and successful completion of programs and projects that will result in the conservation of groundwater in the District. The qualifying water conservation projects and programs will include, as appropriate, projects that result in the conservation of groundwater and reduce the loss or waste of groundwater.  

This year, the Grant Committee received ten individual grant applications from water supply corporations in Burleson and Milam counties. After using a scoring system which takes into consideration a list of nine different criteria that is used to evaluate grant applications, the committee chose to award six different applications. 

Burleson Co. MUD #1 was awarded $317,550 to replace obsolete water lines, Southwest Milam WSC was awarded $254,430 to replace oblsolete water lines, Clay WSC was awarded $250,000 to correct water quality issues, Deanville WSC was awarded $71,044 to replace obsolete water lines, Milano WSC was awarded $35,000 to replace obsolete water lines, and City of Somerville was awarded $85,300 to complete tie-in for water lines. The Board will also monitor the application from Marlow WSC and award that application for $132,440 if/when Marlow WSC receives the FEMA Grant associated with their application. 

The Board also accepted the Rules Committee Report that will be discussed at the Public Hearing on May 10, 2022. If landowners have any questions or wish to make comments, they are welcome to attend the Public Hearing in person or via GoToMeetings.

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