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 POSGCD Board Approves New Groundwater Conserving Program for Agriculture Producers

At it’s May 10, 2022 Board Meeting the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District (POSGCD) Board of Directors approved a contract with Texas A&M AgriLife for District Education Programs to improve the capacity of agricultural water users to conserve groundwater. This groundwater conservation program will provide educational resources for the adoption of water-efficient irrigation methods and tools. This new program will discuss ways to improve system efficiency through the different irrigation methods, irrigation scheduling tools, and other topics relevant to irrigators. Specifically, these programs will be for Center Pivot Best Management Practices as well as Furrow Irrigation Best Management Practices.

This new effort will compliment other popular and successful POSGCD Groundwater Conservation Programs include the Aquifer Conservancy Program, Rainwater Harvesting Grant Program, Groundwater Well Assistance Program, the Local Water Utilities’ Groundwater Conservation Grants, Fire Department Reimbursements Grants, and the Abandoned Water Well Plugging Grants. Plus, we offer programs for water smart landscape design and irrigation training to conserve and preserve groundwater.

The POSGCD Mission includes providing for conservation, preservation protection and prevention of waste of groundwater. Water conservation is crucial for the sustainability and this program is for both aquifers and groundwater-fed irrigated agriculture. Combining modern technology with the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) allows irrigators and residential water users to optimize the available water supplies to meet current and future demands. Adopting new technologies and BMPs capable of balancing water use and conservation requires rigorous capacity development activities such as educational programs that include classroom and in-field training. The qualifying water conservation projects and programs will include, as appropriate, projects that result in the conservation of groundwater and reduce the loss or waste of groundwater.  

Adopting this technology can reduce water use by preventing over or under-watering of crops, reduce water loss with improved system efficiency, and improve crop yield potential for the user. For more information on this new program, the other programs we offer, or questions about our district, please check our website or contact our offices at, or 512-455-9900.

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