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Tools to Help Manage your Well

Do you currently have a well registered or permitted with the District but need more information? Below are some helpful tools to manage your current well.

POSGCD Management Plan – According to state law, every groundwater district must have a management plan that is renewed every 5 years. The management plan serves as a guideline for the District. Here you can find how POSGCD will manage the District and the Rules we abide by for conservation grants, monitoring network, and management zone DFC requirements. This plan is reviewed by TCEQ and TWDB.

Fee Schedule – The District is fee-based. Here is where you can find our fee schedule.

Transfer Ownership – If you are moving or if you bought property that already has a well, transfer the ownership with this application.

Well Closure Procedure

Abandoned wells can pose a threat of contaminating the aquifer below by providing a direct channel. Contaminants that enter the well directly reach into the aquifer with no opportunity for natural filtration by soils or geologic material. Older wells may be particularly vulnerable since they often have been inadequately sealed or may have a deteriorated well casing. Texas law makes the landowner responsible for plugging abandoned wells and liable for any water contamination or injury. To find more information about well plugging you can visit the Texas Groundwater Protection Committee’s website .

POSGCD offers Grants to help a landowner pay for plugging a well. The District will pay 100% of the cost to plug up to a total District expense of $2,500. For more information on the District’s Grant Program click here.

Well Inspections

Well inspections are not mandatory in most cases but are provided by the District if needed. If you would like your well inspected, contact our office and we will send a staff member to your well in a timely manner. You can reach us by calling 512-455-9900.

Well Maintenance

There are several resources for well owners to ensure utmost care is taken of the well. The Texas Well Owners Network provides an abundant amount of resources and also holds sessions across the state. Check their website for more information and see if they will be in the area.

Preventing Contamination

If you have concerns of contamination in your well, or would like to take protective measures, call the office for assistance or follow these safety measures.

Disinfecting Your Private Well

TECQ has published a form on Disinfecting Your Private Well. If you would like to disinfecting your well, click here for the instructions. Also visit the TCEQ website

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