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Steven Wise announces his Retirement from the Post Oak Savannah GCD Board

Steven Wise, Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District (POSGCD) Board Member, announced his retirement from the POSGCD Board effective following the August 8, 2023 POSGCD Board meeting. Steven was appointed by the Milam County Commissioner’s Court in 2013 to represent At Large Interests in Milam county. In 2016 he was elected Board Vice President and served in that capacity for six years. 

Steven Wise moved to Milam County in 1983, graduated from Yoe High and Texas A&M. He is the President and CEO of Citizens National Bank, and resides in the Liberty Community with his family on land that has been owned by his family for more than 80 years. Steven finds the science of groundwater management and hydrology very interesting and being a landowner/well owner in the shallower part of the Simsboro aquifer, he has a vested interest in the management of groundwater. He has been dedicated to the equitable treatment of all property owners according to Texas law.

Wise said, “During my 9+ years of service to the District, I am proud of the significant contributions the board has made in meeting our mission of providing for the conservation, preservation, protection, recharging and prevention of waste of groundwater in our District.” 

“I have been privileged to serve the District during the creation or expansion of programs vital to the stakeholders of Milam and Burleson counties, such as rainwater harvesting, aquifer conservancy, groundwater well assistance, Texas 4-H Water Ambassador Scholarship, and the expansion of the well monitoring network to over 400 wells.  I am confident in the future of the District in achieving its goals and wish for continued success,” Steven continued.

POSGCD General Manager, Gary Westbrook, said, “Steven has provided exemplary and invaluable service on multiple committees of the District. He has worked tirelessly to put into place long term goals and management strategies which will insure plentiful groundwater supplies in our District, and benefit our citizens for generations to come. He certainly leaves big shoes to fill.”

The Board and Staff wish Steven Wise a successful retirement and all the best in his new endeavors.  It is always hard to see people who have contributed so much to our District go. We are grateful for Steven’s leadership and dedication over the years and will miss him dearly.

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