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State Audit – POSGCD Receives Perfect Score For Groundwater District’s Management Practices

Every year, the State of Texas, State Auditor chooses five Groundwater Conservation Districts and preforms a complete audit including their (1) achievement of selected groundwater management plan goals and (2) compliance with selected statutory requirements for each district’s fiscal year 2017. 

Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District—fully achieved the majority or all, respectively, of their management plan goals and fully complied with all applicable Texas Water Code requirements.

To see a complete copy of the State Audit, Click Here


Texas Water Code, Chapter 36, requires groundwater conservation districts (districts) to develop groundwater management plans that list the steps the districts will take to protect and manage groundwater. 

Each district’s groundwater management plan must contain goals that are applicable to each district as described in Texas Water Code, Section 36.1071. Districts develop one or more objectives to support each goal. 

The Water Development Board reviews and approves districts’ groundwater management plans, including the goals and objectives. The Commission on Environmental Quality has the authority to enforce districts’ compliance with the statutory requirements outlined in Texas Water Code, Chapter 36. 

As of December 2017, there were 100 confirmed districts. 



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