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Increased Incentive for Aquifer Conservancy Program

Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District announced exciting news today that the enrollment incentive for the Aquifer Conservancy Program (ACP) has increased to $25 per acre from the previous $10 per acre. This increase provides a great alternative for landowners to receive compensation related to their groundwater without leasing away their rights to that property. This increase, coupled with an annual payment of $25 per acre each year for a 50-year commitment, would result in total payments of $250 per acre over just the first nine years.

President Ward Roddam called for a vote, and we are thrilled to inform you that the Board unanimously approved this increase, effective immediately as of August 8, 2023. This means that any new landowners who choose to enroll in the ACP will be eligible for this higher incentive payment, which will be issued promptly after enrollment. This is an incredible opportunity for you to take advantage of this generous incentive.

The ACP has been designed to not only protect our precious natural resources and support landowners like yourself in their conservation efforts. By enrolling in the program, you will not only contribute to preserving our aquifers, receive financial benefits, and is an alternative to water leaving the District.

To learn more about the ACP and its incentives, please visit our website or reach out directly to our dedicated team. We are here to provide all the necessary information and assistance you may need. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Act now and enroll in the ACP to start reaping its rewards immediately.

Thank you for your commitment to environmental conservation and your continued support of our program. We look forward to welcoming you as a valued member of the Aquifer Conservancy Program.

2 thoughts on “Increased Incentive for Aquifer Conservancy Program”

  1. As a Texas landowner I am very much interested in this program. I own land in Burleson County. However I would like to see what I would be agreeing to if I join the program. I have already turned down several lease proposals and I am not interested in selling my water rights to “out of towners”. Please send me a copy of what I would have to sign.

    Thank you.

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