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DYK?: Registration v. Permit For Your Well

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Confused on what application will fit your new well?

POSGCD has several different types of applications on our webpage. These correspond with the different ways POSGCD manages wells in Milam & Burleson counties. Here is a break down of the two main types of applications:

Exempt Well = Registration
An exempt well (according to Texas Water Code, Chapter 36.117) must be incapable of producing 25,000 gallons per day (which means it can produce no more than 17.36 gallons per minute), and the water must be used for domestic use or watering of livestock. According to State Law, the well is small enough that it does not need a permit, however we require a registration to let us know of its existence for spacing and other science-based reasons. This section usually covers household wells or wells for livestock, and for this reason these uses are considered exempt. If you are unsure of the size, contact our office and we will help!

Non-Exempt Well = Permit
A well that produces more than 17.36 gallons per minute, or the use of the water is different than the exempted uses of domestic use or watering of livestock. These wells must be permitted, which means the application must be approved before receiving your permit. The main things we look for in approval include checking that the spacing meets our requirements and that you do not exceed 2 acre-feet per acre of contiguous land you own. To learn more about the requirements of a permitted well, contact our office. These wells are usually for irrigating large fields or supplying large facilities.

For more info and any questions please contact our office! We are always here to help!

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