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Did You Know?: Aquifers in the District

DYK Aquifers In The District

It is known that Post Oak Savannah covers Milam & Burleson counties, but did you know there are several aquifer layers within the District boundaries?

There is one major aquifer named the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer. The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) has great info on the aquifer and you can find that link by clicking on the aquifer name. A major aquifer is defined as an aquifer that produces large amounts of water over a large area. You can find all the major aquifers in Texas here.

There are several minor aquifers within the District’s boundaries. These are the Sparta, Queen City, Yegua-Jackson, and the Brazos River Alluvium. Click on each minor aquifer for a TWDB summary. A minor aquifer is defined as one that supplies large quantities of water in small areas or small quantities of water in large areas. Click on each minor aquifer for a TWDB summary. You can find all the minor aquifers in Texas here.

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