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DFC Committee Discusses Changes to GWAP Document

The Desired Future Conditions (DFC) Committee members met on September 5, 2017 at the POSGCD office. The committee members walked through changes to the Groundwater Well Assistance Program (GWAP) document. The GWAP, which had previously been two documents, is now a single document to help

DFC Committee Chair, Steven Wise, said that an appeal process will be added. The appeal process will give well owners an option for a second review by an independent hydrogeologist if a claim is denied.

Committee members discussed a funding baseline for the GWAP and decided that $100,000 would suffice. After evaluations are completed, they will come back and adjust the budget as needed.

Steve Young, Principal Geologist of Intera, briefly went through the Methodology for Determining Compliance with DFCs document. He advised that the document would take four months to be ready for public comment.

The District is currently looking at adopting protocols for collection of water level measurements that are similar to neighboring districts and state protocols.

Bobby Bazan, POSGCD Water Resource Specialist, reported that the Well Monitoring Network continues to grow. He has added 48 new monitoring wells and will have the goal of 50 by the end of summer.

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