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DFC Committee Considering Advanced Aquifer Enhancement Projects, Discuss GWAP

The Desired Future Conditions (DFC) Committee met on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at the POSGCD Office. They heard presentations about new Advanced Aquifer Enhancement (AAE) projects, updates on the Monitoring Network and finalized edits to the Draft Groundwater Well Assistance Program (GWAP).

Steve Young from Intera started the meeting by going through a presentation outlining four ideas of possible projects that could potentially enhance the aquifers in the District—Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR), Enhanced Recharge, Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction, and Groundwater Quality (including brackish groundwater).

The presentation slides can be found at https://posgcd.org/administrator/archived-minutes/archived-minutes-2017/.

Dan Tucker, a producer in northwest Burleson County, followed with a proposed ASR project. Tucker produces tomatoes and has been researching and implementing ways to conserve groundwater and reduce costs of production. He presented to the board to seek help in setting up an ASR project through navigating and negotiating with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and to work on concepts of design.

After both presentations, the committee passed a motion for the general manager to move forward with researching and learning about advanced aquifer enhancement opportunities.

During the meeting, Bobby Bazan, POSGCD Water Resource Specialist, updated the committee on the Monitoring Network. There have been 47 wells added to the Network since the beginning of the year with additional wells scheduled to be drilled.

Finally, the Committee walked through and made final edits to the GWAP document to be posted for a 90-day comment. The hearing to accept the GWAP will be in January 2018.

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