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POSGCD manages the supply of groundwater within the District in order to conserve the resource while maintaining the economic viability of all resource user groups, public and private.  In consideration of the economic and cultural activities occurring within the District, POSGCD will identify and engage in such activities and practices, that if implemented would result in a reduction of groundwater use. The District has a monitoring network used to make regular assessments of water supply and groundwater storage conditions and reports those conditions to the Board and to the public.  The District will undertake any investigations as necessary, and co-operate with investigations of the groundwater resources within the District. POSGCD will make the results of investigations available to the public upon adoption by the Board.

The District adopts rules to regulate groundwater withdrawals by means of spacing and production limits.  The District may deny a well construction permit or limit groundwater withdrawals in accordance with the guidelines stated in the rules of the District.  In making a determination to deny a permit or limit groundwater withdrawals, the District will consider the public benefit against individual hardship after considering all appropriate testimony.

The relevant factors to be considered in making a determination to deny a permit or limit groundwater withdrawals will include:

  1. The purpose of the rules of the District
  2. The equitable distribution of the resource
  3. The economic hardship resulting from grant or denial of a permit or the terms prescribed by the permit
  4. The potential effect the permit may have on aquifer health and sustainability of the recharge on the aquifer as a whole.

In pursuit of the Districts mission of protecting the resource, the District may require reduction of groundwater withdrawals to amounts, which will not cause harm to the aquifer. To achieve this purpose, the District may, at the Boards discretion amend or revoke any permits after notice and hearing.  The determination to seek the amendment or revocation of a permit by the District will be based on aquifer conditions observed by the District.  The District will enforce the terms and conditions of permits and the rules of the District by enjoining the permit holder in a court of competent jurisdiction as provided for in Texas Water Code (TWC) Ch. 36.102.

A contingency plan to cope with the effects of water supply deficits due to climatic or other conditions will be developed by the District and will be adopted by the Board after notice and hearing.  In developing the contingency plan, the District will consider the economic effect of conservation measures upon all water resource user groups, the local implications of the degree and effect of changes in water storage conditions, the unique hydro geologic conditions of the aquifers within the District and the appropriate conditions under which to implement the contingency plan.

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