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Welcome to the Vista Ridge Dashboard, a dedicated space on the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District (POSGCD) website designed to provide the public with transparent access to comprehensive monthly reporting and documentation related to the Vista Ridge project. This page serves as a central hub for viewing detailed information on water use, conservation efforts, spill prevention, and mitigation measures, as well as quarterly and annual reports submitted to both the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

What You Will Find Here:

  • Monthly Compliance Checklists: Detailed lists of required actions to adhere to District rules, including verifications for each item.
  • Water Delivery Reports: Monthly updates on the amounts of water delivered by Vista Ridge EPCOR.
  • Inspection and Survey Reports: Quarterly inspection reports, the annual TWDB Water Use Survey, and other relevant documents filed with state agencies, offering insights into the project’s operations and compliance status.
  • Conservation and Mitigation Efforts: Information on measures undertaken to prevent spills and mitigate potential impacts, including the Vista Ridge project’s Emergency Response Plan.
  • Transparent Communication: Updates on any operational changes, discharges, or sales of water involving groundwater permitted by the District, aiming for timely and transparent communication to all stakeholders.

This page is reviewed annually to ensure that the reported actions align with the District’s purposes, promoting water conservation and responsible management of our vital groundwater resources. We invite you to explore the available reports to stay informed about the Vista Ridge project’s contributions to sustainable water use and its adherence to regulatory requirements.


  • Penalty Notice for Vista Ridge Non-Compliance  (October 20, 2021): Letter from District General Counsel outlining penalties for Vista Ridge’s failure to comply with reporting requirements and exceeding permitted production capacities, totaling $40,250 in fines. 

  • Memo (June 20, 2020): from Gary Westbrook, General Manager, updating the Directors and County Judges on the situation regarding Vista Ridge water being discharged into a creek bed and outlining ongoing efforts to understand and manage the responsibilities related to this issue. 
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