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Enhancing Groundwater Management: Staff Commitment to Continuing Education and Collaboration with Consultants to Improve Data Accessibility


In the past few weeks, the staff at the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District have been engaged in a series of significant events and meetings that underscore our commitment to groundwater conservation, education, and collaboration. Here’s a brief overview of our recent activities:


TAGD Winter Business Meeting in Round Rock

Our team participated in the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts (TAGD) Winter Business Meeting in Round Rock, a pivotal gathering that brought together key players in groundwater management. Highlights included:

  • Agency Updates: Insightful updates from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) Groundwater Division Director and an Engineering Specialist from the Railroad Commission, focusing on oil and gas wells and the intricacies of groundwater management.
  • Litigation Updates: The latest developments in legal matters involving Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs) and water management were discussed, providing essential knowledge for navigating the regulatory landscape.
  • Panel Discussions: Two vital panels were convened. The first addressed workforce management strategies, while the second explored cooperation with counties on groundwater availability certifications, especially in light of recent legislative changes.

TGWA Annual Convention in San Marcos

The Texas Ground Water Association (TGWA) Annual Convention is a cornerstone event for our industry, and this year’s convention in San Marcos was no exception. Our staff’s involvement included:

  • Education and Networking: With over 400 professionals in attendance, our team engaged in valuable learning and networking opportunities, fostering collaborations that are vital to our mission.
  • Continuing Education: Six staff members collectively earned XX Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through courses covering a range of topics from Water Well Drillers/Pump Installer Statutes and Rules to best practices for well installation and state-specific regulatory considerations.

Collaborative Meeting with Wellntel and Intera

A key focus of our recent efforts has been the optimization of our Monitoring Network data processes, a goal we advanced through a productive meeting with Wellntel and Intera. Discussions centered on:

  • Streamlining Data Processes: Strategies for improving the efficiency of data collection, management, analysis, and reporting were explored, with a focus on leveraging underutilized system features.
  • Enhancing Monitoring Network Insights: We delved into the details of our monitoring network, emphasizing the integration of Well Intel sensors and the importance of automating data uploads for real-time insights.
  • Public Data Accessibility: A significant outcome of our discussions was the development of strategies to make our data more accessible to the public, including the use of interactive data dashboards embedded on our website.

Looking Ahead

These activities reflect our ongoing commitment to excellence in groundwater conservation and management. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to enhancing our operations through education, collaboration, and innovation. We look forward to sharing our progress with you and invite you to join us in our mission to safeguard our precious groundwater resources.

For more updates and to get involved, visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter. Together, we can make a difference for the future of water in Texas.

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