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Sidney Youngblood announces his Retirement from the Post Oak Savannah GCD Board 

Sidney Youngblood, Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District (POSGCD) Board President, announced his retirement from the POSGCD Board effective following the August 10, 2022 POSGCD Board meeting. Sidney was appointed by the Milam County Commissioner’s Court in 2013 to represent Industrial Interests in the county in 2013. In 2016 he was elected Board President and has served in that capacity since. 

Sidney has lived on a ranch in the Marlow community, just east of Cameron and purchased in 1962, for the majority of his life. Sidney greatly enjoys living the ranching lifestyle, managing a cow/calf and replacement heifer operation that is particularly true to form of his father’s passion for farming, ranching and property stewardship. 

Youngblood said, “I find it notably now time for me to move forward in embracing the next season of life channeling my sincere interest in best serving Burleson and Milam County. Throughout these past years of service, I have very much appreciated being a component of driving District success that I have always viewed as extremely serious business.”  “In addition, I want to thank General Manager Westbrook, each member of District staff, special counsel and most certainly my fellow Board members, each of whom have worked tirelessly in successfully managing the expectations and responsibilities associated with successfully serving Burleson and Milam County residents and property owners.”

Youngblood also stated, “As I have taken the liberty of saying many times in public settings, there is no Groundwater Conservation District Staff and Board anywhere in Our Great State of Texas that has ever outworked POSGCD in serving the cause as yoked. I confidently stand behind that statement knowing full well that the same will remain in truth as I depart.”

The POSGCD Board of Directors is composed of 5 members from each county, and appointed by the Commisioners Courts of Milam and Burleson Counties. These positions carry specific responsibilities of representation, and the position occupied by Mr. Youngblood has the responsibility of “representing active industrial interests” in Milam County as defined in statute. If you or someone you know is qualified and willing to serve please constact Judge Steve Young or one of the Milam County Commisioners. 

The Board and Staff wish Sidney Youngblood a successful retirement and all the best in his new endeavors.  It is always hard to see people who have contributed so much to our District go. We are grateful for Sidney’s leadership and dedication over the years, and will miss him dearly.

For more information or questions about our district, please check our website or contact our offices at admin@posgcd.org, or 512-455-9900.   www.posgcd.org

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