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Not sure which application to fill out, or have a question? Check out our FAQs below:

Am I required to register my well, even if it is only for household and/or livestock use?
According to State Law, any water well must be registered with the groundwater conservation district it is located in. Most of the wells drilled since the 1950’s are already registered or listed with the State of Texas through either the Texas Water Development Board or the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, but not all of that information has been transferred to the District. A better reason to register your well is so that you can receive any pertinent notices concerning large production well applications filed with the District, or in case notice needs to be delivered to possibly affected wells in the case of a contamination to groundwater resources in your area.

If the previous owner of the property already registered a well, do I need to do it again?
No, but it would be advantageous to inform the District of the change in ownership so that the District’s records are current. This will insure that appropriate notices intended for well owners reach you, the owner.

How do I know if my well is in POSGCD’s Jurisdiction?
Any well located within the counties of Milam and Burleson is within the District.

How do I know what aquifer my well is in?
This information may be found on the well log for your well, which by law must be given to the owner of the well and filed with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and also with the District. In most cases the District can provide the most accurate information concerning this question.

I don’t know the age or the depth of my well(s). What should I write on the well registration form?
You may simply put “unknown” on the paperwork. The District’s staff will also be able to assist in many cases with this as well.

I don’t know the location of my well(s). What should I write on the well registration form?
You may simply give the directions to the location beginning at the closest intersection of state highways or county roads. A 911 address is acceptable in many instances as well.

What does POSGCD do during a well inspection?
During an inspection District staff will check to insure that your well was drilled and completed according to state standards, and no noticeable safety issues exist.

Is inspection mandatory?
In most cases an inspection is not mandatory, but the District’s staff is available to perform inspections upon request.

Does POSGCD offer to perform water quality testing for privately owned wells?
Basic water testing is readily available from for a modest fee. However, in some cases the District may be interested in performing a more in depth water quality test and will then pay the full cost of the test.

How can I have my well included in the District’s well monitoring program?
Simply call the District’s office and answer a few very simple questions. In most instances the District is able to include your well in the program.

What information will I receive if my well is included in the District’s well monitoring program?
You will receive water level information concerning your well.

For a complete list of licensed well drillers, please visit the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website, and select “Water Well Drillers, Pump Installers”. Several Drilling Companies come from Austin, Brazos, Burleson, Gregg, Lee, Madison, Milam, Robertson, Rusk and Washington counties. Please feel free to contact the District for more information.

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