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The POSGCD was created in Milam and Burleson counties. In acted by HB 1784, 77th Legislature, 2001, and a local confirmation election in November 2002.

The purpose of this bill is to provide a locally controlled groundwater district to conserve and preserve groundwater, protect groundwater users, protect and recharge groundwater, prevent pollution or waste of groundwater in the central Carrizo-Wilcox area, control subsidence caused by the withdrawal of water from the groundwater reservoirs in that area, and regulate the transport of water out of the boundaries of the districts.

District Map

POSGCD has 10 directors, 5 from each county. It does not have the power to tax and receives all of its revenue from fees imposed on municipal/commercial pumpers and transporters of groundwater. Successful confirmation elections were held in November 2002 in both counties in accordance with Sections 36.017, 36.018, and 36.019, Water Code, and Section 41.001, Election Code.

POSGCD is governed by multiple documents, such as our rules, management plan, and board and investment policies. You can find the District finances here.

The District is part of two Groundwater Management Areas (GMAs) that are designated by the Texas Water Development Board for regional planning purposes.

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