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Enabling Legislation

Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District was created by the 77th legislature through House Bill 1784. The bill was passed on June 16, 2001 and took effect on September 1, 2001.

  • You can read the enabling legislation here.
  • You can read POSGCD Codification Chapter 8865 here.
  • You can also read the full history of the bill here.

Texas Water Code – Chapter 36

Texas Water Code Chapter 36 primarily deals with the management of groundwater. It establishes Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs), which are the state’s preferred method for managing groundwater resources. These districts are responsible for conserving, preserving, protecting, recharging, and preventing waste of groundwater, as well as controlling and preventing subsidence caused by withdrawal of water. Read the full text – here.

Key aspects of Chapter 36 include:

  • Creation and Administration of GCDs: It outlines the processes for creating, managing, and operating Groundwater Conservation Districts.
  • Permitting and Rulemaking: The chapter gives GCDs the authority to issue permits for drilling and operating wells, along with the ability to adopt and enforce rules to regulate groundwater use.
  • Management Plans: GCDs are required to develop and implement management plans to efficiently use groundwater resources.
  • Public Involvement: It emphasizes public involvement and requires public hearings for certain decisions, ensuring transparency and community engagement in groundwater management.
  • Data Collection and Research: GCDs are tasked with gathering and analyzing groundwater data to make informed decisions about resource management.


District Rules

ADOPTED: March 9, 2004
ADOPTED and READOPTED: As amended through December 12, 2023.

District Management Plan

ADOPTED and READOPTED: As amended through December 12, 2023.

District Policies


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