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This page of the Post Oak Savanah GCD (POSGCD) website is dedicated to an effort of transparency and public disclosure of requirements of coal burning plants in the state of Texas.

Coal-Combustion Residue

In January of this year, 2019, a report was published by a group known as “Environmental Integrity Project.” That report is included on this web page, and contains information and summaries about recent submissions of water quality near deposits of coal ash by coal burning plants across Texas. These submissions are required by federal law as outlined in the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which are also included on this web page.

These coal burning plants are also required to follow rules adopted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as well. We have posted a link to TCEQ’s regulations and requirements as well on this page.

The process to follow, as well as additional information is contained in these documents and links. Although POSGCD technically has no regulatory oversight in these submissions and matters, the Board of the District desires to take a pro-active approach to ensuring that all requirements of reporting and necessary remedies are followed by the coal burning plants with respect to protection of water quality in the aquifers of Milam and Burleson Counties. To that end, POSGCD staff has met with TCEQ staff and attorneys as well as management of Luminant to better understand the process and procedures, as well as to ascertain the current status of these issues in our District.

The POSGCD Board and DFC Committee have received updates and reports at recent meetings and those reports are contained in the minutes and presentations at those meetings on this POSGCD website.

POSGCD Staff will continue to update this page as pertinent information becomes available.

CCR Report to DFC Committee  from Intera 

CCR Report to  Board of Directors from Intera

Federal Rules 1

Federal Rules 2

Groundwater Contamination from Texas Coal Ash Report 

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