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Aquifer Conservancy Program Featured on KBTX Channel 3

A news segment featuring the Aquifer Conservancy Program (ACP) aired earlier today on KBTX Channel 3 News’ Brazos Valley This Morning. General Manager Gary Westbrook and ACP Ambassador Amy Jurica-Hinnant of Burleson county highlighted the program’s purpose and how to participate during the feature. View a recording of the broadcast: http://bit.ly/2MT5oUj.

To recap, landowners who elect to participate are compensated for conservation efforts in exchange for agreeing not to lease water rights for production or permitted amounts. Compensation is funded by export fees for production and based on the number of acres enrolled combined with the numbers of years enrolled. The terms available are five-year term at $5/acre, ten-year term at $8/acre, or twenty-year term at $10/acre.

The ACP aims to be a win-win for all: maintain sustainability of the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer and landowners continue using their lands the same way they always have. Applications to enroll will be accepted through October 31st with 22,000+ acres already enrolled.  For more information about the conservancy program or to enroll online, visit www.posgcd.org/pacp or contact our office by phone, (512) 455-9900.

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