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On this page, you will find links to the various application forms which may be downloaded and filled out to send to the District.

Please note, due to requirements of state law the applicant’s signature for most of these forms must be notarized before sending the original to the District office. Also, for the convenience of our citizens, all District employees are Notary Publics and can assist you with this need, as well as completing applications. Please call (512) 455-9900 with any questions.

Information for Drillers

Information for Realtors

Notice of GCD at Change of Ownership – POSGCD Notice Of GCD With Logo


Exempt Wells 

Exempt wells (defined by Texas Water Code, Chapter 36.117) are those used for domestic purposes or livestock watering, capable of producing less than 25,000 gallons per day (or 17.36 gallons per minute). These wells do not require a permit but must be registered. Exempt wells are designed to support small-scale, personal, or agricultural uses without the need for extensive regulatory oversight. 

Non-Exempt Wells

Wells with a capacity exceeding 25,000 gallons per day (over 17.36 gallons per minute) are classified as non-exempt. These wells require permits and must adhere to the District’s production fee schedule.

Well Registration & Permit Applications

Oil & Gas Applications

Miscellaneous Applications

  • Application for Emergency Permit to Drill a Well – Use this application to apply to drill a well that is not exempt from permitting and which will require a hearing, but must be put into production prior to a hearing being scheduled due to extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances may include but are not limited to, emergencies or public health.
  • Application to Drill and Operate a Limited Production Well – Use this application to apply to drill and operate a water well that may only produce a smaller amount of water, but is not used for exempt purposes according to Texas Water Code, Chapter 36.117. Please see the definition of a Limited Production Well in the District Rules and the restrictions listed under District Rule 5.2.
  • Ownership Transfer Application – To transfer well ownership and associated permits or registrations.
  • Variance of Well Spacing – For drilling closer than 50 feet to a neighboring property line, requiring a neighbor’s consent and notarization.

Grant Applications 

  • Drilling & Wells

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