Did you know? It is recommended to test your private water well annually, and any time there is maintenance performed on the well. Any time the well is opened up gives bacteria and other contaminants a chance to enter the well. For more information on contamination contact our office. Click the link to find the nearest accredited lab: https://www.tceq.texas.gov/field/qa/env_lab_accreditation.html
Test annually

With the cooler temperatures, it is important that your protect your pipes! Here is a great website for a few tips to ensure that you don’t have any problems with your yard this winter! http://savewatertexas.org/winterizing-irrigation/


POSGCD is currently going through the process of adopting DFC’s with our neighbors. A DFC is our desired future condition of the aquifer. Want to know how to get involved/learn more about it? Check out the TWDB’s page on more info: http://www.twdb.texas.gov/groundwater/management_areas/DFC.asp#title-02. You can also check out our GMA 12 page on our website for participants and contacts involved!

Groundwater Conservation Districts must regulate groundwater while respecting a landowner’s rights to produce. The Texas Supreme Court made this clear with the Day Case, and it was brought into statute during the 83rd Legislative Session. More information can be found about groundwater ownership in Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code.

Private Property

Groundwater Conservation Districts were set up in Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code. As a political subdivision of the State of Texas, GCDs must regulate by the statutes created by the Texas Government. There is misleading information about what the purpose of a GCD is and what jurisdiction they have. Here are just a few facts you might not know about GCDs, but as always if you have any questions you can contact our office!